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Arte dei Mercatanti 500ml

Arte dei Mercatanti 500ml

Arte dei Mercatanti: (1182) The Florentine entrepreneurs who belonged to this ancient corporation imported rough cloth from abroad, refining and finishing it and then selling it. Together they formed powerful trading companies, opening up various branches in many European cities and in North Africa, making huge profits from their trade and becoming known on major European markets.

A fragrance which evokes far-off places; closed in baggage it envelops the merchants’ cloths; it does not hesitate to spread itself through the air once released, to bring to mind the memories of a just-ended journey.

TOP: Blackcurrant, Cloves, Geranium
HEART: Rose, Incense, Amber Woods
BASE: Oud, Patchouli, Musk

RECOMMENDED FOR: study, day area, entrance

16,90 fl.oz.

(black sticks included)

75,00 €

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