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GEA edp

GEA edp

GEA edp


“Olfactory evocation of a unique and enveloping sillage rétro with a contemporary touch; an unmistakeable expression of allure”, refined and charismatic. Carried on the notes of this multi-dimensional scent, and concealed behind an apparent freshness, is a smooth sensual pleasure that discretely disperses before it is disclosed in all its essence: a deep sigh that encapsulates a sophisticated and subtle femininity. An ode to timeless femininity, GEA celebrates every single aspect of the innate, casual elegance of a woman - impeccable style, yet tender in nature. Like a fil rouge connecting past with present, it unravels an evocative olfactory ribbon of suggestion, emotion and contrasting airs; it tells the tale of a spirited independent woman, the kind who - today as she always has been - is free from conventions, and makes her own distinctive rules.


GEA is a vigorous and pristine fragrance, subtly permeated by the richness and purity of a precious bouquet, with vibrant undertones of musk and fine woods. Intense and emotive, this fragrance inspires the imagination without ever disclosing its secret.


OLFACTORY FAMILY: Floral – Aldehydes – Cypress


Head Notes: Bergamot – Ylang Ylang – Orange blossom - Cypress

Heart Notes: Lily – Jasmine – Rose – Iris

Base Notes: Sandalwood – Oak Moss – Vetiver - Tonka Beans



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