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Anti-Cellulite Treatment Cream


Anti-Cellulite Treatment Cream

Enhanced formulation, specifically designed to activate functional alterations of adipose tissue and vaso- lymphatic microcirculation and skin blemishes associated with the recovery of a lightened and renewed silhouette.

It has a strong soothing, protective and vasoconstricting action of a synergic type through the following mechanisms:

Acts on the vaso- lymphatic component of cellulite, i.e. it has the ability to reduce the passage of liquids from the microcirculation towards the interstitial spaces of cells and to stimulate the elimination of stagnant liquids localized between one adipocyte and another, or it carries out an anti-oedemigene activity with reduction of capillary permeability.

Induces vasal activity with increased capillary-venular blood flow, helping to reduce the tissue oedematous component with consequent reactivation of the ability to purify and drain toxin accumulations, counteract excessive water stagnation, i.e. water retention and relaunch the cellular metabolism compromised by the reduced supply of oxygen and nutrients and the "orange peel" or “mattress” appearance.

The antioxidant component promotes the trophism of microcirculation, reducing the enzymatic activity of the endothelium of blood vessels, improving the resistance and functionality and permeability of connective tissue. Promotes trophism of the epidermis and the restoration of natural smoothness and elasticity.

The high concentration of active ingredients of marine origin increases the destocking of adipocytes, stimulates lipolysis, with a reducing, slimming and reshaping effect of cell-adipose tissue.

8.8 fl.oz.

40,00 €

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