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Deodorant with Cornflower - Alcohol free


Deodorant with Cornflower - Alcohol free

Ecological alcohol-free, spray solution, specifically formulated to regulate excessive perspiration and ensure protection against dampness.

Kalinite reduces excessive perspiration thanks to an astringent effect, that is, it triggers temporary occlusion of the sweat ducts, controlling the flow of perspiration.

It removes the cause of the formation of odour, preventing imbalances of the skin’s bacterial flora, thus avoiding the enzymatic degradation of perspiration.

The antiseptic action prevents the colonization of pathogenic micro-organisms, preventing alterations to the skin’s surface.

The cornflower has a film-forming protective effect against dehydration, providing a shield of water and elasticity.

There is excellent tolerability for sensitive skins thanks to softening, decongestant and lenitive properties.


RECCOMENDED TO: For those who want to keep under control or reduce excessive perspiration, without altering the physiological balance and pH of the delicate armpit area, without inhibiting the key functions of the skin.

For those who want a decongestant and soothing action with astringent effects and a high level of tolerability.

For those who need to protect clothing from stains, in particularly stressful situations and during daily activities, with an anti-humidity film, keeping the skin dry and clean.

For those who require a valid and complete deodorising action against the typical effects of perspiration, especially the odour.


SKIN TYPES: All skin types, especially sensitive skin.


DEGREE OF PERSPIRATION: Normal and excessive.




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