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Deodorant with Vitamin E


Deodorant with Vitamin E

Exclusive lotion, specially formulated to annul the negative effects of natural perspiration, preserving the physiological functions of the skin.

Long-lasting antimicrobial action, preventing excessive proliferation of altered bacterial flora and, consequently, controls the excessive decomposition of perspiration.

Vitamin E prevents degradation of the fatty acids of perspiration, removing at the source the formation of odorous secretions, thus giving an immediate sense of cleanliness.

The emollient and protective effects of the formula render the delicate armpit area soft and elastic.

The special formula with a no-gas dispenser immediately evaporates upon application, producing a long-lasting toning and refreshing effect.


RECOMMENDED TO: For those who would like an effective deodorising in moments of intense and prolonged activity, limiting the uncomfortable damp feeling and allowing natural perspiration.

For a long-lasting fresh, clean effect simply apply daily after washing.

For an instant feeling of well-being, in full respect of the skin’s delicate balance.


SKIN TYPES: All skin types.


DEGREE OF PERSPIRATION: Moderate and excessive.



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