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Firming Body Lotion

Latte Rassodante

Firming Body Lotion

High performance complete formula specifically designed to redefine and restructure a woman’s silhouette.

Vegetable collagen, the key ingredient, specifically targets connective tissue, generating replacement and new synthesis of collagen fibres and elastin, resulting in a visible improvement in
skin density and compactness.

Vegetable collagen rebalances the main alterations at the level of the dermis, with deep tissue regeneration through two fundamental actions. It penetrates into the epidermis by stimulating the production of energy, reactivating the essential processes and recovering vigour and tone through cellular renewal, resulting in smoothness and brightness.

Hydrolysed elastin acts on a superficial level, renovating the hydrolipid barrier and calling into play long-term water resources, thus ensuring resistance and protection.

The synergy of the active ingredients produces prodigious results, day after day, a remodelled silhouette with a more harmonious, youthful outline.

Wraps the skin in a remodelling film, improving the texture and tone of smoother more uniform skin.


RECOMMENDED TO: For those who would like a complete remise en forme programme for a toned, shapely silhouette.

For those who require a unique, effective solution to counteract flabby muscles and loss of cutaneous density of the whole body or specific areas (thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms and breasts), as a result of variations in weight, stress or changes due to age.

For those who desire an over all anti-age treatment to restore or stimulate essential processes that have slowed down.


SKIN TYPES: All skin types.


TEXTURE: Fluid, silky, delicately perfumed lotion.



40,00 €

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