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Fortifying Shampoo with Keratin


Fortifying Shampoo with Keratin

Solubilized Keratin strengthens hair damaged by external agents and organic changes by filling in the weakened fibre. The restoring effects are visible from the first application as a protective membrane around the corneal layer of the hair is formed. At the same time, hydrolyzed placenta provides a stimulating and nourishing effect to soften the scalp. After washing, hair has more volume is shinier, static-free and easy to comb. It is particularly suitable for fine and delicate hair and for hair weakened by permanent wave and color treatments. Because of its very delicate cleansing base, this shampoo may be used frequently.

Wet hair; apply shampoo, massage and rinse. Repeat operation.

With Solubilized Keratin solution, Hydrolyzed Placenta.


4.4 fl.oz.


12,00 €

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