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Hand Cream

Crema Mani

Hand Cream

Exclusive formula, a truly effective beauty treatment for care of the hands, designed to slow skin ageing processes and to provide an SOS remedy with high level hydrating and softening properties.

Acts on slower cell renewal, promoting keratinocyte turnover and synthesis of the fibres that support healthy skin, improving elasticity and compactness.

Facilitates the process of regeneration of damaged skin, protecting the natural structure of the skin against external aggressions such as climatic factors, sun exposure, use of aggressive detergents, etc.

Restores and reinforces the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier, sealing in moisture and strengthening the connective tissue with a firming and plumping action.

Has a marked capillary vessel restructuring and toning effect, improving local micro-circulation and, therefore, enhancing the appearance of the back of the hands.

The extraordinary synergic effect of the active ingredients prevents dryness, cracking, irritations and redness.

Continuous use of the product contributes to restoring the balance between nourishment, softness and smoothness.



Those seeking a revitalizing hand treatment for protection against premature appearance of signs of ageing, such as thinning and brown spots, imbuing stressed skin with new vitality.

Those wishing to restore moisturisation and softness with an immediate effect of comfort and suppleness

Particularly suitable for hands prone to splitting, peeling and small cracks.


FUNCTIONALE COMPONENTS: Keratoplast, Hyaluronic Acid.


1,7 fl.oz.

22,00 €
Limited availability

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