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Intimate Hygene Solution

Soluzione Igiene Intima

Intimate Hygene Solution

Solution formulated for thorough everyday cleansing, providing intimate protection and well-being for women and for men.

Balanced non-irritating formula, based on delicate surfactants and dermo-protective substances, thoroughly cleansing without altering the genital ecosystem, providing an instant sense of well-being and freshness.

Mallow extract is anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic, preventing and aiding the attenuation of infections, skin and urogenital tract irritations.

Essential oil of bergamot has disinfectant and antiseptic properties, inhibiting the adhesion and proliferation of pathogenic agents.

Lactic acid preserves and restores the correct levels of physiological acidity, counteracting the development of pathogenic micro-organisms.

Restores and maintains cutaneous trophism with a film-forming, protective effect, ensuring softness and correct hydration.

Non-invasive sanitizing and deodorising, preventing any unpleasant odours from forming.


RECOMMENDED TO: For those who want a delicate intimate cleanser that preserves pH, for everyday intimate hygiene, ensuring protection against alterations of bacterial flora from the onset.

For those who want a soothing and moisturising cleanser with high tolerability that preserves structural defences such as the elasticity and resistance of the mucosa.

For those who require a moderate, specific antiseptic effect that helps reduce symptoms associated with a predisposition for inflammation and irritation, bringing immediate relief.

Intimate hygiene for instant and lasting freshness, countering the onset of unpleasant odours.


SKIN AND MUCOSA TYPE: All skin and mucosa types, especially sensitive and fine.




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