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Exfoliating Gel with Marigold


Exfoliating Gel with Marigold

It delicately exfoliates epidermal surface; it removes dead cells as well as sebum excess and skin impurities from follicular membranes.

It stimulates the epidermis renewal and perfects the skin grain by restoring a bright and smooth skin. Thanks to the Marigold, it carries out a focused soothing and hydrating action.

It widely increases skin receptivity to further SS. Annunziata Treatments.



People requiring an efficient exfoliating product with refreshing and soothing properties.

People having a rough, thick and opaque skin.

People preparing to sun exposures.

People preparing to the application of revitalizing masks and/or treatments.


SKIN TYPES: All skin types apart from those ones with fragile capillaries or in case of red areas.


3.4 fl.oz.

20,00 €

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