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Cream with Vitamin C

Crema Vitamina C

Cream with Vitamin C

A cream with a double action: highly antiradicalic and efficiently anti-ageing.

It neutralizes with a unique and extraordinary efficiency the damaging action of free radicals. It improves the quantity and quality of collagen fibers by strengthening the skin “supporting network” with an evident tone restoration, elasticity and compactness.

It provides skin a renewed radiance by minimizing possible modifications of its color through the activity of Vitamin C which is able to contrast efficiently with processing leading to the formation of blotches.

It reduces possible skin redness and irritations thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties carried out by some of its active principles as well as it ensures the skin a proper and constant hydration.



People wanting a cream with an active antiradicalic and anti-ageing protection.

People wanting to restore radiance to skin as well as tone and elasticity.

People having skin redness and irritations and want to reduce the relative effects.

People wanting a 24-hour face cream with a light texture, suitable even for make-up base.


SKIN TYPES: Normal skin, combination skin, including the sensitive one.


2.5 fl.oz.

53,00 €

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