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Cream with Vitamin E

Crema Vitamina E

Cream with Vitamin E

Antioxidant and antiradicalic, this is a real “weapon of defense” in protecting skin from all oxidative stress factors as well as in reducing the skin ageing processes.

It efficiently protects cell membranes and collagen fibers from damages caused by free radicals by inhibiting all those events altering generally skin cells and tissues.

It intensively strengthens the hydrolipid film through precious active elements which are combined with it and strengthens it. In this way, the water loss is limited and the skin is kept soft and well-hydrated with a more decisively resistant skin surface against external aggressions. It prevents or reduces ageing signs by improving the general condition of the skin.

Furthermore, it contributes even to reduce the damaging effects of long exposures to UV rays by carrying out a soothing and anti-inflammatory action thanks to its antiradicalic and hydrating properties.



People at any age who want a soft and efficient antiradicalic cream.

People wanting to strengthen natural defenses against external aggressions.

People wanting to prevent or reduce the ageing signs.

People who want to have a valid antiradicalic and hydrating action supporting sun products, both before, during and after sun exposures.


SKIN TYPES: Normal skin, combination skin, including sensitive skin.


2.5 fl.oz.

53,00 €

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