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Eye Contour Cream

Crema Contorno Occhi

Eye Contour Cream

In such a soft and comfortable cream, the combined action of Vegetal Collagen, Elastin and Centella Asiatica reduces and contrasts with ageing signs around eyes, such as thin lines, eyelid relaxation by providing the original elasticity and smoothness to the periocular area.

It revitalizes the skin through the optimization of energetic cell metabolism. It provides a deep and long-lasting hydration by avoiding any water loss. It improves regeneration processes of the delicate periocular area for a more resistant skin surface protected from external aggressions.

Finally, swelling and bags under eyes are notably reduced thanks to the stimulating action on the microcirculation carried out by the Centella Asiatica.



- People requiring an anti-ageing eye-contour product with the delicate softness of a cream.

- People who want to reduce expression signs and skin relaxation around the periocular area.

- People requiring a product with revitalizing effects.

- People who want to reduce swelling and bags under the eyes.


SKIN TYPES: All skin types, especially the thinnest or dehydrated ones.


0.5 fl.oz.

31,00 €

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