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Eye Contour Gel

Gel Contorno Occhi

Eye Contour Gel

It hydrates for the whole day the periocular area by protecting it efficiently from the external damaging agents. It delicately soothes and relieves congestion in the eye-contour thanks to the Marigold extract.

Furthermore, such a precious active principle, together with the action of the Centella Asiatica, prevents and reduces swelling and bags under the eyes by optimizing the permeability of capillary vases.

It is a delicate gel improving tone and elasticity of the eyelid area by minimizing both wrinkles and tiredness signs for a more stretched face.



People preferring a refreshing and hydrating eye-contour gel.

People requiring a product with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

People having problems of swelling and bags under the eyes.

People who want to prevent and reduce the first ageing signs from the periocular area.


SKIN TYPES: All skin types, including the most sensitive ones.


0.5 fl.oz.

26,00 €

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