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Moisturizing Cream with Marigold

Crema Idratante alla Calendula

Moisturizing Cream with Marigold

Through its functional components, such a cream restores hydration and freshness by spreading a real very thin “water layer” on the skin surface. Furthermore, it improves and strengthens the natural hydrolipid film by contrasting with the trans epidermal water loss.

Thanks to the Marigold extract, it carries out an efficient soothing actions as well as it reduces redness and irritations, including even the most sensitive and delicate skins.

It restores the epithelization of the skin surface by revitalizing optimally cell renewal for a more resistant and protected skin. Finally, it reduces the effects due to free radicals.



People requiring a light 24-hour hydrating cream with an efficient soothing action.

After exfoliation treatments for a good restoration of the epidermis protective function.

Young people looking for a valid make up base.


SKIN TYPES: Normal skin, combination skin, in particularly sensitive, delicate and reddened skin.


2.5 fl.oz.

44,00 €

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