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Regenerating Lotion

Emulsione Rigenerante

Regenerating Lotion

A lotion stimulating an intense skin regeneration through a positive influence on skin dynamism. The combined action of its precious ingredients contributes to strengthen the derma “supporting structure” for a visibly more compact and elastic skin. It optimizes the cell renewal by ensuring to the skin surface a new energy and vitality. It improves the microcirculation for a better skin oxygenation as well as for a more rapid elimination of metabolic waste. Finally, it provides a long-lasting and intensive hydration by carrying out an efficient soothing, softening and emollient action.



People who want  a lotion with an active repair action.

People wanting to prevent or reduce ageing signs.

People who want to awaken a weak and fatigued skin.

People requiring a dynamic product with soothing and softening properties.


SKIN TYPES: Normal skin, combination skin.


1.7 fl.oz.

42,00 €

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