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Filler Effect Serum

Siero Effetto Filler

Filler Effect Serum

Expressly designed to “perfection” or improve the skin hydration level in order to have a real “Filler” or “Filling effect”.

Thanks to the combined action of its active principles, such a very pleasant serum significantly increases the quantity of the hyaluronic acid in the skin by restoring its compactness. It structures and strengthens the skin barrier with a protective film, rich of water, which considerably slows down the water loss processes as well as it gives skin a long-lasting protection.

Generally speaking, it guarantees an extraordinary immediate and long-lasting water reserve in all the skin layers. Furthermore, it flattens skin roughness and thin lines due to dehydration by restoring rapidly skin smoothness and brightness.



People, at any age, who want to “quench rapidly the thirst” of their skin with a serum acting at deep levels.

People wanting to correct their faded, rough and opaque skin.

People wanting an efficiently hydrating product during or after sun exposures.

People wanting to improve and point out the effect of an hydrating cream.


SKIN TYPES: All skin types.

1 fl.oz.

48,00 €

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