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Radiance Effect Serum

Siero Effetto Radiosità

Radiance Effect Serum

Especially designed to perfect or improve radiance and smoothness of skins grown gray or turned thick, with wrinkles or acneic scars by providing a real radiance effect.

Such a serum significantly promotes the skin exfoliation through the focused action of Alfa Hydroxy Acids and, together with the Marigold extract, actively speeds up the cell renewal as well as the synthesis action of skin supporting structures. In this way, blotches, skin thickening, coarsenesses and wrinkles are appreciably minimized and the skin will gain a definitely more uniform, brighter and smoother aspect.

It helps pores to be cleaned from any sebum excess and dead cells by preventing the formation of boils and blackheads on oily and combination skin types.

The Hyaluronic Acid ensures a good hydration to the skin surface and the Marigold carries out a valid softening action on the exfoliated skin through its soothing properties.



People requiring an efficient exfoliating serum to gain radiance and smoothness within 3/4 weeks of regular daily utilization.

People having blotches on skin and an altogether non-homogeneous color.

People wanting to reduce the depth of thin lines and wrinkles.

People having sebum excesses, blackheads and acneic scars.

People having skin tuned thick due to many sun exposures.


SKIN TYPES: All skin types apart from very sensitive, photosensitive or couperose skins.

1 fl.oz.

48,00 €

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