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Revitalizing Effect Serum

Siero Effetto Rivitalizzante

Revitalizing Effect Serum

Expressly designed serum to “perfection” or improve all those weak cell activities, often representing the cause of skin ageing, for a real “Revitalizing Effect”.

In fact, it notably increases the quantity of energy available in the cells to reach the optimal recovery of their functioning activities by improving the collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid synthesis for a more compact, elastic and velvety skin.

Hence, it efficiently contrasts with the appearance of ageing signs by reducing evidently thin lines, wrinkles and skin relaxation.

It provides a deep and long-lasting hydration and, thanks to the Sericin, it gives skin the silk softness.



People requiring an anti-ageing serum to prevent or efficiently contrast with ageing-signs. People with lack of tone and skin elasticity. People requiring to restore vigor to weak and marked skin.


SKIN TYPES: All skin types.



48,00 €

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