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Lip Cream with Propolis - SPF 50

Crema Labbra al Propoli - SPF 50

Lip Cream with Propolis - SPF 50

A real lip “shield” restoring and protecting such a thin and delicate part of the face, extremely vulnerable and subjected to early ageing signs.

It provides a SPF 50 for the best protection against UV rays as well as it protects lips from the damaging effects of the environment agents such as wind, cold, pollution, etc.

Thanks to the Propolis and to Vitamin A, it hydrates and supports the tissue healing and regeneration by providing integrity to the dry and cracked mucous membrane with small cracks.

It brightens up the lip color, provides consistence and smoothness by minimizing thin lines and vertical wrinkles.

It helps to prevent the appearance of redness and irritations, often due to local inflammatory processes.



People requiring a soft, hydrating, soothing and restoring lip cream with the top protection against UV rays.

People spending a lot of timeout-of-doors, in the city, by the sea or in the mountain.

People with dry, parched or cracked lips.

People often subjected to lip irritations.

People wanting to protect lips from ageing signs.


SKIN TYPES: All skin types.


0.2 fl.oz.

13,00 €

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