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Men's Eye Contour Cream

Crema Contorno Occhi Uomo

Men's Eye Contour Cream

Treatment with global action, used to protect the delicate eye area against signs of weakness, stress and aging.

Plant Collagen adds a new source of energy to revitalise the crucial cellular functions, including synthesis of the basic structures of the skin, improving tone and firmness.

Reactivates microcirculation, alleviating puffiness and unsightly dark circles.

Hydrolysed Elastin strengthens the level of hydration and preserves it in the long-term, giving smoothness and filling in fine lines and laughter lines.



For those wanting a highly moisturising and softening treatment, giving brightness and freshness to the face.

For those wanting to reduce signs of tiredness and fatigue caused by extrinsic factors such as climatic agents, UV rays, smog or prolonged activity at the PC, or generated by intrinsic factors such as stress, lack of sleep, etc.

For those wanting a valuable anti-aging ally with corrective action on the eye area, filling in laughter lines, soothing and firming.

For those wanting a high tolerance formula, with soft consistency and rapid absorption.



All types of skin, particularly soft or dry.


(KER scent)




28,00 €

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