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Moisturizing Body Lotion

Latte Idratante

Moisturizing Body Lotion

Advanced treatment for comfort and well-being, specifically formulated to provide deep hydration and to reinforce the skin’s structure.

Hydrolysed elastin permits fast recovery and maintenance of physiological balance, in the short and long-term, and in all climatic and environmental conditions.

Shea butter combines restorative and softening properties, compensating epidermal lipid shortcomings and reinforcing the natural barrier.

Green tea counteracts the oxidative stress on skin, providing antioxidants to neutralise the formation of free radicals and thus delaying the ageing and photoaging process, and providing essential nutrients to strengthen the skin’s structure, rendering it firm and elastic.

The refreshing, anti-inflammatory properties of
green tea alleviate the harmful effects of daily aggression.

Provides excellent benefits, instantly restoring and maintaining youthfulness, and a bright healthy appearance.

The highly absorbent lotion permits fast, even application for a second-skin effect, without leaving any traces of the product.


RECOMMENDED TO: For those who would like to keep the body’s skin protected and moisturised, rendering it soft and smooth.

For those who desire a body treatment with eudermic properties that rebalances the skin’s functionality.

For those who intend to protect and repair damage caused by extrinsic and intrinsic factors (environmental, exposure to UV rays, stress, hormonal changes etc.).


SKIN TYPE AND CONDITION: Suitable for all skin types, especially fine, dry and dehydrated skin. Fragile, demanding, fine, stressed skin.


TEXTURE: Creamy, rapidly absorbed emulsion with a captivating perfume.




40,00 €

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