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Shaving Cream airless

Crema da Barba airless

Shaving Cream airless

Original cream formula, with a rich and soft texture, specifically designed to prepare the skin for a close and efficient shave. Helps to lift the hair, facilitating the sliding of the blade, limiting friction and thus preventing  irritation and redness.

The precious eudermic active principles give softness and plasticity to the epidermis and create a barrier effect against the stressful and traumatic action of the razor.

Its excellent antiphlogistic and anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to a soothing and decongestant action, help the tissue re-epithelization process.

Provides an extraordinary sensation of freshness and comfort, enhanced by the invigorating effect of its olfactory notes.

Enables fast and uniform application, without blocking the razor during its passage.



For those wanting a traditional shave, using a manual razor and without the aid of a shaving brush.

For those wanting or needing to shave every day safely and comfortably, actively protecting the skin from irritations and snicks.

For those wanting a close shave, creating a defined and personalised look for the beard, moustache and sideburns.



All types of skin, particularly the most sensitive and exacting.

All types of beards/moustaches, even those that are thick and bristly.


(KER scent)


21,00 €

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