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Sweet Almond Oil

Olio di Mandorle Dolci

Sweet Almond Oil

Multi-purpose vegetable oil, valuable natural remedy with countless outstanding cosmetic properties for skin, hair and nail beauty.

Restructures and strengthens the hydro-lipid layer, blending perfectly into the lipid composition thanks to its sebum-like characteristics, improving the elasticity and overall condition of the skin.

Precious phytosterols and fatty acids promote cell regeneration for renewed, compact, radiant skin.

Excellent source of the potent liposoluble antioxidant vitamin E, which contrasts free radicals, protecting the integrity of the skin’s cell and mucous membranes, and countering the effects of ageing.

Assits melanin in the process of natural protection.

Sebum-restitutive properties improve the condition of skin that is dry, very dry, with lipid deficiencies and dehydrated.

Due to these countless benefits it is excellent for use on the face and body, and is suitable for a number of conditions.

It is also a valid remedy for hair care, improving softness and shine; aiding the growth of healthy, strong hair.

Regenerates and strengthens nails and softens cuticles.


RECOMMENDED TO: For those who would like to improve the skin’s physiological state, for overall recovery of essential functions.

For those who want to hydrate and compensate for any shortcomings.  

For those who want to prevent and combat the signs of ageing and fight the formation of free radicals.

For those who would like to counteract frizzy hair, nourishing the entire head of hair or only the dry ends.

For those who want to repair fragile nails and cuticles.


SKIN TYPE and CONDITION: Suitable for all skin types, especially dehydrated, dry and very dry skin. Sensitive, stressed skin, skin pathologies.




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