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Ultra-Delicate Shampooo with Silk Proteins

Shampoo Delicato alle Proteine della Seta

Ultra-Delicate Shampooo with Silk Proteins

Formulated with a mixture of ultra-delicate ingredients with both cleansing and nourishing properties, especially suited for fine and delicate hair. The gentleness of its formula makes this shampoo ideal for children. Its special ingredient, the silk protein sericin, makes hair softer, adding volume and shine. The silk protein also nourishes, cleanses and restructures hair delicately, obtaining the desired results without having to resort to more common but aggressive, traditional cleansing agents.

Wet hair, massage in shampoo and let set five minutes. Rinse with warm water. Repeat.

With  Sericin (silk protein), ultra-delicate functional softeners.

4.4 fl.oz.

12,00 €

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