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Whitening Repair Serum

Siero Schiarente Riparatore

Whitening Repair Serum

Vitamin C possesses excellent antioxidant qualities that protect the skin against oxidative damage caused by the free radicals that are released on a regular basis within our bodies. Additionally, Vitamin C protects against negative effects caused by external agents such as the sun, cold weather or drastic changes in weather. It is also an essential element for collagen synthesis and for proteins found in the skin, hair and teeth; it acts as a clearing agent on the melanogenesis level and, in this protective environment, is released gradually and slowly from the first application. As a result, the skin is well protected from solar damage and premature aging, which helps to stabilize and strengthen the epithelial collagen. Finally, Vitamin C has an anti-acne effect in many skin disorders and is particularly successful in the treatment of sunspots and other skin discolorations.


Massage a few drops of the serum into a clean face and neck in the morning and again in the evening; apply the cream after the application of the serum. Use periodically for a maximum of two months.


With pure Vitamin C with elevated anti-oxidant, anti-acne and skin-clearing qualities.


30 ml

42,00 €

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