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Precious Line Farmacia 1561

The natural cosmetic line “Farmacia SS Annunziata dal 1561 Firenze Italy”, which has been produced and sold for decades in Italy and throughout the world, has had enormous success since its inception. In 2011, the 450th anniversary of the founding of the old Pharmacy, a new line has been created: “FARMACIA 1561”.

This line consists of five unique and carefully crafted products for the care and treatment of the face.
Used in these special and exclusive formulas are cutting-edge ingredients such as PENTAPEPTIDE-3, a substance that simulates Botox treatment.
Other highly effective ingredients that are perfectly capable of integrating themselves amongst one another were also added to the mix. These include Coenzyme Q10, Sericin, Elastin, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Plant Collagen.
The natural make-up of the inactive ingredients mimics that of the skin and thus allows for an optimal absorption of the active ingredients, guaranteeing a fast and satisfactory result.

The Preziosa line is a cosmetic, anti-age treatment that is specifically crafted for the treatment of facial blemishes. The synergy and perfect equilibrium between all the ingredients give the skin an enviable radiance and firmness.
None of our products are tested on animals.